Work with Me

Hi! , I am Adhar, a Product and Marketing executive with 20 years of experience in new product launches, go-to-market strategy, and leading growth initiatives across several startups and Fortune 500 companies. I am passionate about helping businesses get started or get to the next level. If you like my blog and are interested in my services, please contact me at contact{at} with details regarding your project.


I have extensive experience in working with early-stage and growth consumer and BtoBtoC companies and leading product and growth roles. I have built products that have been used by millions of users and led many organic growth strategies to scale. Additionally, I am well connected in the valley and would like to use my network and experience to help startups in areas of consumer, Mobile & Web, eCommerce, subscription economy, digital content, AI/ ML, and user growth.

If there is anything you think I can help with, please feel free to check-in.

AI/ ML Strategy

I am currently advising several companies on bringing in AI and Machine Learning to their business, creating an AI/ ML strategy, and executing on it. If you are thinking about leveraging AI/ ML for your business, I can help you come up with a strategy and identify key areas within your business to start using AI/ ML, whether is customer insights, business metrics, or AI-powered apps and products.

Growth Strategy- Drive Organic Growth and Engage Existing Users

I have grown users through data analytics and organic strategies to over 40 million+ users in 60+ countries. I leverage the following key strategies tailored to your business to drive growth.

  • Rapid prototyping, A/B testing and experimentation
  • Funnel and customer journey analysis
  • Incentives through virtual currency and rewards
  • Viral loops through referral and other programs

ECommerce and Subscription Strategy

Building and scaling subscription models is a key way for e-commerce companies to drive growth. I have built and scaled e-commerce and subscription services and would like to lend my expertise in the following areas to help you develop your strategy.

  • Create the right subscription model for your business
  • Strategy for starting and scaling e-commerce business
  • Personalize user experiences and product recommendations
  • Acquire and retain users

Increase Website Conversion

I have spent years working in silicon valley startups and fortune 500 companies improving user acquisition and conversion optimization and growing the userbase to millions of users. If you have a blog or an e-commerce website and want to take it to the next level by optimizing user acquisition funnel, improving conversion, or selling more products, I can help you analyze your traffic and help you get most out of marketing budget.

I love trying out new products and services, especially when it comes to saving money or time. I also like to share products and services that I love. If you have a product or service you’d like me to review, get in touch. I’m particularly interested in working with brands that I’m passionate about. In addition, I’m interested in partnering with marketing companies on promotional campaigns or advertising.

I am always looking at new challenges to tackle and new problems to solve. If you have a problem at hand that I can give you a hand with, feel free to contact me.