Why Your Company Needs an Artificial Intelligence Product Manager

What is an Artificial Intelligence Product Manager anyways? Today’s business is complex and is rapidly evolving. Users expect more from businesses and companies are leveraging the user data to gather insights, solve complex business problems, and deliver solutions in ways that were not possible before. Businesses, both big and small are dipping their toes into

Generalist vs. Specialist Product Managers: Which One is the Right Fit for Your Company?

Product management is a crucial role in the success of a business, responsible for ensuring the development, launch, and ongoing success of a product. In today’s competitive market, companies need experienced product managers who can lead and manage a team, while understanding and delivering on the needs of the customer. However, there are two primary

A Product Manager’s Review of Deep Learning Specialization by deeplearning.ai

Deep Learning Specialization is a set of courses offered by deeplearning.ai through Coursera. deeplearning.ai is an initiative started by Andrew Ng, who is also the person who started Coursera. The Deep Learning Specialization is taught by Andrew Ng himself, along with his staff from Stanford. The specialization is a self-paced program that offers a collection

Subscription-Based Pricing Model: Win-Win for Business and Customers

The subscription-based business model has gained popularity in recent years. Whether its consumer services like Netflix, Spotify or Amazon prime, enterprise SAAS offerings like AWS and Adobe Cloud or physical products like DollarShaveClub or Blue Apron, subscriptions are ubiquitous. And for a good reason. Even more services and businesses are exploring a subscription-based or SAAS

The Growth Initiative that Increased our Activation Rate by 200%

The Growth Initiative that Increased our Activation Rate by 200% In a previous role, I was the Product Manager responsible for driving growth and subscription signups for a direct to consumer Mobile app. I did market research, gathered customer insights, priced the product competitively, created a great UI and applied learnings from market research and customer