About Me

Hi There,

This is the personal site of Adhar Walia. It is a blog about me and how I see the world. Mostly my professional world.

I write about Product Management, Product Leadership, strategy, and my thoughts on technologies I am working on. My interests like in building and growing digital products at the intersection of Mobile, commerce, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, IoT, and emerging technologies. I have been building BtoC and BtoBtoC products with a customer-first approach for over eighteen years. I have worked as a Product Manager for over a decade – currently Director of Product & Platforms at HTC Vive.

I am passionate about the future of AI/ ML and ethics/ inclusion in AI. Here are other initiatives I am involved in.

AI/ ML Track Co-Chair at TiEcon to promote and foster entrepreneurship.

Impact for AI to advocate for inclusion and social impact of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

I am currently also working on a side project, AI for Cure.

Thanks for stopping by. While you are here, feel free to browse around, get to know me, and have a little fun.