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Subscription-Based Pricing Model: Win-Win for Business and Customers

The subscription-based business model has gained popularity in recent years. Whether its consumer services like Netflix, Spotify or Amazon prime, enterprise SAAS offerings like AWS and Adobe Cloud or physical products like DollarShaveClub or Blue Apron, subscriptions are ubiquitous. And for a good reason. Even more services and businesses are exploring a subscription-based or SAAS

The Growth Initiative that Increased our Activation Rate by 200%

The Growth Initiative that Increased our Activation Rate by 200% In a previous role, I was the Product Manager responsible for driving growth and subscription signups for a direct to consumer Mobile app. I did market research, gathered customer insights, priced the product competitively, created a great UI and applied learnings from market research and customer

The Mobile Operating Systems War

Race to the third spot There is no better time than today in the wireless industry and the evolution of smartphones. With Android and iPhone securing their place as the top two Mobile OSes, the competition for the 3rd place is getting intense. As of today, Android has a global market share of 79% and iOS