The 9 Best Product Blogs that every Product Manager should follow

Product management as a function is very broad and varies from company to company. Because of the complex nature of this role that encompasses so many different areas of the company, Product Managers need to constantly adapt and learn to grow in their role.

As a part of my learning in the Product Management field, I personally spend a ton of time reading articles on product management for inspiration and best practices. While I feel that Product Management is very contextual, there are certainly certain best practices and insights to be leveraged and learned from the best minds out there. I have listed down my list of 9 best blogs for product managers to follow.

Product Habits

Product Habits is a blog started by Hiten Shah. Hiten is a serial entrepreneur who has started multiple SaaS companies, including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and FYI. He’s an active advisor and investor in several startups. His strong interest in solving people’s problems through software spurred his interest in product management and start the blog. The blog has tons of examples and stories to inspire any product manager, no matter which industry or product you one is working on.

The Black Box of Product Management

The Black Box of Product Management is a blog written by Brandon Chu. Brandon is a General Manager at Spotify, who is still very much a Product Manager at heart. His blog has tons of frameworks and tools that product managers can learn and leverage. I really like his blog about First Principles of Product Management as well as some of the Product Management mental models that he talks about.

Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to be Done”

Jobs to be done is not so much of a blog, but rather than a thinking methodology on identifying what jobs customers want to accomplish from your product or service and designing products around helping users accomplish these jobs. Straightforward and simple, right?

This is Product Management

This is Product Management is a podcast featuring the best and brightest minds in product management sharing their wisdom and thinking about product management. If you have a question about a particular aspect of product management, whether its hard skills like prioritization, roadmap planning or soft skills like managing expectations or building and scaling a team, chances are you will find what you are looking for here.

Product Craft

Another blog that is full of product advice, best practices and a series of podcasts on broad product management topics that every product manager, no matter what experience level and skill level, can learn from.

Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen is an investor at Andreessen Horowitz, where he focuses on consumer products, marketplaces, and bottoms up SaaS. Previously, he led growth teams at Uber. This is his personal blog where he shares his ideas on startups, growth, metrics and more. No entirely product-focused but a great blog for any product manager to follow.

Sachin Rekhi’s Blog

Sachin has a collection of over 150+ essays with over 1.5 million views sharing lessons learned from over a decade here in Silicon Valley as a product manager and startup founder.

Mind the Product

A great international community of product managers with a nice collection of articles on Product Management, User Experience, Digital Transformation, Product Marketing, and leadership. They also have chapters and organize product-focused events in almost all major cities around the world.

Silicon Valley Product Management Group

SVPG was started by Marty Cagan, author of the book “Inspired”. He, along with other partners have years of Product Management experience in the Valley. SVPG is another great resource to learn the skill and art of product management directly from the experts.

This is of course not an exhaustive list. There is so much great content out there that its impossible to list everything here, but this is a list of blogs that I repeatedly find myself going to. If you have a blog or podcast that you love, I would love to hear about it. Please share it in the comments.